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 Armchair Detective

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PostSubject: Armchair Detective   Armchair Detective EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 12:20 am

A wannabe Private Investigator has to start somewhere. If that means incurring the wrath of her suspects, then so be it. When Jobeth O'Brien awakens from the floor of her kitchen, her battered face and the memory of an angry visitor tells her that she is close to something important in her investigation. She pulls herself together and goes to run her paper route--a job that pays the bills while she pursues her other vocation. Her romps in the backseat of her Falcon with a wealthy socialite, Phoebe, are a welcome distraction from her excursions into the developing facts of the blackmail and prostitution operation.

As the case progresses, Jobeth fends off her growing need for Phoebe, as well as the advances from her barracuda landlady.

Amid these challenges, she stakes out her prey and runs for her life, continuing the investigation that pulls her into close calls, unexpected allies, and more secrets. But Jobeth has secrets of her own, and only love can excavate them. ~LightSwitcher Books

Armchair Detective Quill

"Jobeth O'Brien is driven by a dream to become a Private Investigator, but her
past makes her guarded in matters of the heart. The story takes us
through her first case, and her first love, both bringing her more than
she bargained for. An erotic, funny, and suspenseful tale of one young
lesbian's accidental growth."
~KIWI Club Reviews


Kate Genet, Kissed by Venus Magazine
"The most appealing thing about this novel is its narrative voice. Written in first person, this novel is wry and humorous. It’s the first thing that draws you into the story and it’s at once self-depreciating and self-assured, which is an interesting combination. For a while I thought this self-assurance bordered on cocky, but by a few chapters into the book I was captivated. It’s a strong voice and it never falters once in the whole novel.

By describing the novel’s voice I’m also describing the main character. She’s pretty much everything a reader needs a character to be – interesting enough to catch our attention, assertive enough to keep it and displaying a depth that promises more to the story if we care to read on. With a character like this, it’s impossible not to read on. She has her weaknesses of course, but all well-rounded characters do. She’s hiding something and this gives her an air of vulnerability that only adds an extra dimension to her otherwise strong, capable and determined character.

The secondary character is just as appealing. Both different in temperament, these two make a terrific team, and their burgeoning relationship in the book is everything you want it to be from the very moment they meet.

Well paced with nail-biting action scenes this novel has a storyline that will have you glued to the page. It manages to stay on this side of believable because at all times the author is demonstrably in control of her material. Immersed in the book, it all seems real and credible and it’s a credit to Jae Baeli’s writing skill. It’s a detective story, action story and romance all in one wild, fulfilling ride. Lots of drama, danger and two sexy women. What more could you want?

Bring together an exciting storyline, a world that is recognizable and real, a bunch of characters to love, hate, laugh at and with as the case may be, and you have all the ingredients of a book well worth reading. I know there’s a second book featuring these characters and I’m looking forward to reading it. If it’s anything like this one, it’s not to be missed.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Waiting on the sequel, October 7, 2009
By Tanya Gotcher (Arkansas, USA)

This review is from: Armchair Detective (Paperback)

I loved this book! So much so, I've asked, more like plead with, the author to consider a sequel. I read this book after reading another of Ms. Baeli's books, A Random Act of Blindness. I think her characterization is genius, and whether you are gay or straight, you can identify with her characters. The sex is always very tastefully done so that even the most homophobic soul on the planet should be able to maintain their focus on the plot, which is riveting. And, besides, this is not pornographic; rather, it's about learning to trust and to experience true love which is something that the vast majority of us, gay and straight, hope to find in our lifetimes. I am currently reading a third novel written by Ms. Baeli entitled Achilles Forjan and am finding it every bit the delight that the first two novels were. Again, Ms. Baeli, if you happen to read this, please consider a sequel! I'm dying to know what Jobeth might get herself mixed up into next!

"BRAVO! Kelli Jae Baeli, Armchair Detective had me captivated from beginning to end. I really hope you plan on doing a sequel to this book as I'd love to read more about Jobeth O'Brien and Phoebe McMasters. Jobeth O'Brien is a paper delivery girl trying to make ends meet. She wants to be a private investigator, so studies this in her 'off' time. Phoebe McMasters is a rich, lonely housewife who is married to a not so nice man. Phoebe and Jobeth have a chance meeting when Jobeth is delivering Phoebe's paper. They soon become firm friends then lovers. Jobeth takes on an 'unofficial' PI job from a man who is being blackmailed. This leads to some very sticky situations as Jobeth tries to help him. The graphic descriptions of these characters made me sit on the edge of my seat, hardly containing myself, wanting to know what is going to happen next. I found myself laughing, crying and holding my breath with Jobeth and Phoebe. I felt like I was there with these ladies experiencing all that they saw and did. As the plot got more intriguing, I found I couldn't just put this book down, I HAD to read more. This is definitely one of my favourite books."
~Jo Cincotta, Australia

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Armchair Detective
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