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A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive.
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 Lies we tell ourselves and others

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Jae Baeli
Jae Baeli

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PostSubject: Lies we tell ourselves and others   Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:30 pm

started by Kelly Truman on Facebook:
1.) I'm fine
2.) That was my last piece of gum
3.) I've read and agree to the Terms and Conditions :))

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    • Miriam Bell ‎#4 ) Of course I came.
    • Kelly A. Truman Bahaha....guilty of that one a time or three lol
    • Kelly A. Truman ‎#5) my phone was in the other room.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#6 I would never do something like that to you.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#7 - Your call is important to us.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#8 - I'll never drink again.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#9 ~ you can always count on your family.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#10 - you will never amount to anything.
    • Kelly A. Truman ‎#10 I'll never break your heart.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#12 - (online dating) This is a recent picture.
    • Jae Baeli ‎#13 - I'll pay you back next week -With interest.
    • Kelly A. Truman Lol I've experienced that a time or three too!
    • Jae Baeli me too!
    • Jae Baeli ‎#14 - It's okay to eat this cake, because i'll work it off tomorrow...(hehe)
    • Jae Baeli ‎#15 - it doesn't bother me at all to see you with someone else.
    • Jae Baeli wow this would be a good thread on one of my forums...
    • Jae Baeli ‎(the above one wasn't a lie, but an observation) lol
    • Kelly A. Truman Hahaha it would never end....between the lies we tell ourselves and the lies others tell end!

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Lies we tell ourselves and others
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