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A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive.
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 New members read this-detailed version

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Jae Baeli
Jae Baeli

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PostSubject: New members read this-detailed version    Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:05 pm

Welcome! Glad for you to join us.

Here's a rather comprehensive instruction sheet to help you get things rolling.

You should login and then take these steps (each are important in order for the site to be all it can be for you and others).

Fill in your brief profile info.
if your password is automatically in the password box (looks like this: *****) remove that, or otherwise, when you're finished it will ask you to complete your password change. You don't want to change your password...unless you do.:o (or possibly, this feature only applies to me, bc i am logged on as administrator... but just in case--FYI)

Fill in what you wish to fill in, but we suggest your location, job/hobbies, humor, if nothing else.

Save that page, and it will show you this:
Your profile has been updated
Click here to return to the user profile
Click here to return to the Index

Click to return to your profile

In the top links inside the profile panel, there is a link for your AVATAR. Click the avatar link and hit the BROWSE button to find the photo you wish to use. WE ask that you please select a face picture, and that you make sure it is sized at around 96x96 pixels. We want a good face shot for that, so people can see you in the forums, and make that connection with the face and the name. Most online people have a
photo program of some sort. If you don't i recommend Irfanview. It's free, and small and powerful. If you need help using it the first time to size your photo, I'll help. I will also be posting instructions
on how to use that program, soon.

After uploading your avatar, Set your PREFERENCES by selecting that link and ticking off what you want in that window. Click SAVE.

Then select SIGNATURE and create that in the edit box. Here is an example of the signature code this site prefers. You may copy and paste this into your signature and then make the changes.
quotation or credo or any other text you want.

Fill in the text you want between the codes, with the quote or statement you wish to use. Likewise add any links you wish to share there. You may glance at my own, at the bottom of this post, for a visual idea.. Now click SAVE.

That other link, WATCHED TOPICS allows you to keep track of the topics you have selected to monitor.

Now, the Gallery space is used up, so please go to and register for a free account, and post your photo albums there. Then use that link when you want to refer anyone to your photos. If everyone can do it on Facebook, they can do it here, and it's much more user-friendly. (And just think no stupid guy will contact you
here..we're all lesbians, all the time!)

I suggest 3 to 5 photos at least. Three must be of YOU. There will be no hiding on this site. Everyone gets to know what you look like.

(I tried using the skype button for the link to photobucket but the link text was too long for the box and it would cut it I thought it would be a convenient alternative to a link in your signature line, but didn't work out. I might be able to come up with something else soon.)

Now the fun begins!

Click the HOME link and have a look at the categories on the main page and click whichever strikes your fancy.

The little tips below each category have tiny page icons next to them, and these icons will turn red whenever that topic has a new post. It's a great visual way to know what's new. You can quickly access what you want in other ways, such as the links to the right at the top of the Forum block:
View posts since last visit
View your posts
View unanswered posts

Please Introduce Yourself under that forum.

  • Take the polls under various categories, when you see them, so we can all get an overview of who's here and what they are about.
  • And start interacting! The more interaction we generate, the more Atypical
    Lesbians will join, and the closer we are to having a nationwide network
    like no other!
Let me know what you think, if you have questions, or if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see.

This is a new site, so I am continually developing all aspects and can always be reached by clicking my name and sending a private message (PM). Alternatively, you can post your questions, issues, suggestions in the ADMIN category.

You are not just a screen name, here, with a Friend List of strangers. You are among quality people who want to be REAL friends to you, and even seem like extended family.

I look forward to interacting with all of you!

President In Charge of HSPs
(oh the heady power of it all...)

{INSERT a pithy quotation or credo that attempts to illustrate my superior intellect and profound sense of reason and ethics, and seeks to encourage you to explore new ideas, understand the inexplicable, reject the nonsensical, and appreciate my scathing wit HERE} (c) kjb

Author of 7 novels, 8 non-fiction books, and 9 anthologies. (Author Site) (Main blog) Author page) (Writers forum) Social group)
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New members read this-detailed version
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